Serving your Water Storage Needs.


These accessory options can come with your new reservoir:
Either standard or as a requested extra.
Or they can be purchased to retrofit your existing concrete reservoir.

If our standard options don’t meet your specific need.  We can design an
accessory that will meet your need and fabricate it right in our shop.

Price list below.  Shop drawings available upon request

Air Vent - 8" or 12" StandardAluminum Manhole with Locking LatchPulley enclosure for Water Level Indicator
Outside Ladder with Optional Cage
Water Level Indicator Board
Inside Ladder - PVC Fill Pipe Extended
to Roof level for water Circulation
Outside PVC Overflow Piping
Optional Ladder DoorPipe BracketsSafety Railing
Standard 2 rail-Optional 3 rail
Optional Float Valve on Fill PipeVortex Plate over Fire Flow Draw LinesOptional 24" Side Access Hatch for Taller Tanks
Optional Catwalk for Side by Side TanksOptional Overflow Air GapCoring and Piping Retrofit for Existing Reservoirs

 Price List for Accessories

These are the prices for our most common accessories.  If the item you are in need of is not listed, give us a call.

Air Vent$300.00Each
Roof Access Hatch$850.00Each
Pipe BracketsGalvanized$45.00Each
Stainless Steel$95.00Each
Water Tank LadderGalvanized$22.00per foot
Stainless Steel67.00 per foot
Ladder Safe Climb Devices
Galvanized Cable System$1,125.00per ladder
Safety Railing (Galv.)-2 rail
Enclosed Hatch$625.00
Partially enclosed hatch
w/open back
Additional-per linier foot
(includes posts and fittings)
Water Level Indicator$360.00 + $7.65/ft


Installation and cleaning labor – $75 per man hour

Service calls and shipping will vary with parts and location

To order, contact Norm @ 360/354/4940 or norm at