Serving your Water Storage Needs.


Site Work: We can help with clearing and grubbing, pipe installation under the reservoir and tie ins. We can remove unsuitable soils and bring in structural fill for sub grade preparation. We then place, compact and test per the project and permit requirements.

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Reservoir Cleaning: Most cleanings consist of draining the reservoir, going in with a high pressure washer and removing all silt and other settlement materials. Once clean, the reservoir is disinfected per the AWWA requirements. Within a few hours, the tank is ready to be filled, tested and put back in service.
Accessory Upgrades: We can take an older reservoir and upgrade your ladders, access hatch, air vent, piping, water level indicator,
safety railing or anything else that accessorizes your reservoir and needs upgrading. Our fabricating team can customize whatever
you need to keep your reservoir operational.
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Concrete Patching and Leak Repair: Concrete cracks and older reservoirs may eventually develop water seepage or leaks. Concrete doesn’t normally crack straight through. Locating and sealing cracks can be very difficult. We utilize two methods of repair: interior patching over the crack and/or exterior injection with a proven water activated grout material. Applying a solution that will last more than a year or two takes experience. Give us a call to see how we can help.This reservoir, built by others, had a cold joint in the concrete wall that was leaking. We were called in to assist. Through exterior injection, with the tank still in service, we were able to slow it down to the point that the natural efflorescence process will take care of the rest.